Netgear Arlo firmware Update

The overall mission of Arlo series from the Netgear is to provide the security to its users by providing some of the best surveillance devices in the market. The Netgear is one of the most refined brands in the manufacturing of the wireless networking and communication devices likes the routers and modems. Besides providing the networking products, Netgear has also developed its Arlo series that deals with the live video surveillance products like the Arlo cameras. Some of the Arlo products are listed below.

  • Arlo Q /Q plus
  • Arlo/ Arlo Pro/Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Baby camera
  • Arlo Security light

Arlo firmware update on the Arlo and Arlo Pro cameras

The firmware of the base station of the camera acts as the interface between the camera user and the device. Although the Netgear Arlo cameras are highly secure and efficient still Arlo releases the updates for its products in the form of security patches in the firmware.

It is strongly recommended that the user must update the firmware of their camera or its base station. The user should check for the updates on the support portal of the Arlo website by visiting the link

How to update the firmware of the Arlo and Arlo Pro series manually

Assuming that your camera and base station are connected with each other and with the Netgear router simultaneously

  • Now, log in to the web interface of the base station through the mobile application or the web address
  • Now click on the Settings tab> My devices select your Arlo or Arlo Pro base
  • Now click on the Device info > Firmware > Update.
  • Wait for the base station firmware to complete properly. The Arlo camera base station LED blinks green while downloading and installing the update. However, the LED will get stable when the update is finished.

NOTE- It is quite important to note that while the update is in the process, make sure that the update process isn’t interrupted in any case. If the update process is interrupted in between the course the firmware of the base station can get corrupt and the device can be rendered useless. So make sure the interruption in between the update process doesn’t happen by any chance.

Tip to remember- The firmware updates are released automatically on almost all the Arlo Netgear devices that are connected to the network through the Netgear router. The firmware updates are automatically done usually in between the wee hours of the day. However, if the update is a major one, then the user needs to download the update manually and update him/her through the mobile application or the web domain

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