The Arlo series from Netgear has completely dedicated to the security and safeguard of its users living environment. The Arlo cameras are most likely to cover up all the happenings in and around the houses with two or more devices. The wide 120-degree view angle of these cameras let the user view a wide area of their home and other places.

The Arlo Baby camera has some of the most interesting, useful and efficient features. The Arlo Baby camera is a useful device in taking care of your babies. The Arlo Baby cameras have solved almost all the issues in the babysitting tasks. You can take care of your little infant remotely through the Arlo mobile application. Just install the Arlo application on your Android or IOS device and log in through the user details like the username and the password. With just one click, you can have the entire live video streaming on your phone.

Assembly and set up of the Arlo Baby camera

The Arlo Baby camera comes with a base station, some screws, and stand, and the Ethernet cords etc. The Arlo Baby camera can be configured through the mobile app or the web address that is used to log in to the camera set up portal.

Follow the below mentioned instructions to successfully configure and set up the Arlo baby camera.

  • Screw the stand with the help of some screws at a particular place of your choice. The stand has a kind of magnetic base. The Camera can get attached to this base magnetically.
  • Connect your Base station to your Netgear home router through an Ethernet cable. Switch on the Base station through the power adapter provided.
  • Now, you can set up your device through the Arlo application or the web address
  • Sign up and create an account for your Arlo device through which you can

Customize and configure the camera accordingly.

Some important features of the Arlo Baby cameras

Advanced Night vision- The Advanced Night vision allows you to monitor your baby’s activities even in the darkness. The low intensity LED infrared lights doesn’t distract your baby from the deep and smooth sleep.

Two-way audio transmissions- The two-way audio transmission let you talk to your baby from your phone even if you are sitting miles from him. You can also listen to the voices coming from the room where the camera is being placed. So that you don’t miss the baby’s voice.

Baby crying alert- The Baby crying alert is one of the most interesting features in this Arlo camera device. The camera automatically sends you a notification when it detects the crying sound of a baby and it is important to note that the Arlo baby camera specifically differentiates between the crying and the other sounds produced by the baby.

Air sensors- The Arlo baby camera is also equipped with features that care of the health of the baby. The Arlo air sensor in the camera displays the air quality, conditioning and other parameters like the humidity and temperature of the room through the application. You can also control all these parameters if the devices like AC and other devices are Wi-Fi operated and synced with the camera.

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