Arlo cameras are popular on the market for their exciting features; they are probably familiar to those who planned to deploy a video surveillance system at home or a small office. On the one hand, the theme of “smart home” is becoming more popular; manufacturers are producing a lot of devices for this segment. On the other hand, the issue of protection and security inevitably rises. At the intersection of the two mentioned spheres are just cameras of video surveillance. IP-cameras today no one is surprised. But Netgear went with the Arlo camera in a different way. If conventional IP cameras store data on any local storage, such as NAS, Arlo Pro is focused on the cloud and the entire process of Arlo camera login is not difficult for anyone who want to set up an Arlo camera at their home or office.

How does Arlo Camera login actually performed?

Therefore, to do Arlo camera login, the user should set up an account, and the base station must have a permanent Internet connection. The advantage of such a configuration is obvious: for the storage of data, the presence of a NAS is not required, recorded records are available at any time. But there is also one “pitfall” that not everyone will like: by default, video recordings are stored for seven days. If you want to extend the retention period, you will have to buy a cloud subscription. Of course, when creating an account, you should pay special attention to a strong password, because if your account is hacked by an attacker, it will get access to the videos.

arlo setup

Netgear Arlo: Setup and Assembly

The cameras of the Arlo system are operated completely wirelessly. They can be used very flexibly in and around the house. The necessary power is provided by four CR123 batteries, which, according to Netgear, a camera should be able to withstand for about half a year – in our practical test, we have received measurements that support this runtime and the process of Arlo login is also not time consuming. The scope of delivery includes two brackets that can be screwed to a wall – the camera is then attached to the bracket by a magnet. In addition, you have the option of screwing the cameras onto a tripod. The base station must be connected to your router via LAN cable and connected to the power supply. The device is set up via an app on the Smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). It is quite easy and quick. After a successful installation of the Arlo camera, you can now perform Arlo login by following some basic login steps which are mentioned on our set up guide.

arlo login

Arlo Netgear cameras

Netgear is one of the most reliable brands in providing the home as well as commercial security to the users. Netgear has the Arlo series surveillance cameras available in their products lists such as Arlo baby cameras, Arlo Go, Arlo Q and Arlo Q, Arlo Pro/2 and Arlo security lights etc. These products in the Netgear Arlo surveillance prove to be much use in securing our home and environment. The Arlo baby camera series has changed the whole concept of babysitting. It has made the way for digital care for your infants or kids. You can talk to the persons coming directly in the video coverage.
Netgear Arlo is continuously striving for safeguarding the surroundings and atmosphere around the people. The Arlo Netgear cameras need to be set up and configured before we can use them for the surveillance purposes. The users can log in to their Arlo Netgear device through the web address However, if the user is setting up their device for the first time, then they need to sign up for a new user account. Here, in this section, we will let you know how to set up the Arlo cameras.

  • Ø Firstly you need to connect the Arlo base station to the WAN port of the Netgear router through an Ethernet cable and make sure the cable connection is made properly.
  • Ø Connect the power supply to the base station through the power adapter and switch on the power supply.
  • Ø Now, the lights on the front of the camera will be blinking yellow. Wait for the lights to turn solid green.
  • Ø This indicates the Arlo camera is ready to be set up and use in the surveillance.

After the successful hardware setup of the components, we are ready to configure our camera device. This can be done only after the base station is installed properly. You need to further create or register for the Arlo Netgear account so that the live feed and other configuration can be controlled. Follow the steps below to register for the Arlo account. Open the internet browser and enter the address in the address bar. Look out for the system setup section and click the Setup new Arlo camera.
Fill in the user details for registration like the username, name, and location etc. Select the model number of the base station from the list of available models. Select the correct location and other details like time zones etc. You are now ready to use the Arlo camera for the surveillance purpose. The Netgear Arlo cameras have many extraordinary features like the brilliant wire free HD camera, night vision support, motion detection etc. that are quite useful these days.

Arlo Base Station VMB4000

Arlo Base Station VMB4000 is a necessary device that supports the usage of many Netgear Arlo cameras. This Arlo Base Station VMB4000 works well with Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2 cameras. The VMB4000 Base Station establishes a secure and stable connection of many Arlo cameras to the internet through your home Netgear router. It also provides a long-range access to the camera because of the wireless router. The Arlo VMB4000 Base Station has two in-built USB ports for the storage devices connected. The smart siren feature alerts the user if any infiltration is done by the miscreants.

Connecting the Base station to the Arlo cameras, You need to set up and configure your base station to enjoy the HD video surveillance. Go through the below mentioned guide to successfully set up and upgrade your base station and camera.

  • Open the Arlo base station from its packing and assemble the components like the Ethernet cable, power adapter etc.
  • Connect your Arlo base station to the home or office Netgear wireless router through the WAN port.
  • Connect the base station to the power source through the adapter and wall socket.
  • Switch on the power supply of the base station and wait for the lights on it to get stable.
  • The base station is now ready to use and connect the Arlo cameras to it to survey the video coverage of the area.

How to login into Arlo Camera ( This guide is for all the Arlo cameras )

If you are looking to setup your Netgear Arlo Cameras then you need to use For the first time setup you need to sign up for a new user account. Here, in this section, we will let you know how to set up the Arlo cameras.

  • Firstly you need to connect the Netgear Arlo base station to the WAN port of the Netgear router through an Ethernet cable and make sure the cable connection is made properly.
  • Connect the power supply to the base station through the power adapter and switch on the power supply.
  • Now, the lights on the front of the camera will be blinking yellow. Wait for the lights to turn solid green.
  • This indicates the Netgear Arlo camera is ready to be set up and use in the surveillance.


  • Can my Arlo camera accessed by only IP address, or can be integrated into any other system?
    No, the Arlo camera can’t be accessed simply by IP address; they cannot be integrated into any other system.
  • Can I use a motion detection function to turn on Hue lighting via my Arlo Camera?
    Yes, you can.
  • How can I access my Arlo camera?
    First you should download the Arlo application via the AppStore or PlayStore. Then the user is offered to either login to an existing account, or creates a new one. Next, the base station should be connected to the router and powered. After a while, the application will automatically find the base station, you can start working.
  • How to pair up an Arlo camera?
    The process of pairing went smoothly. Just select the camera, and then press the two synchronization buttons on the base station and on the camera.
  • How to install a battery inside a new Arlo Camera?
    To install the battery inside, the camera must be opened. The battery is charged in the installed state via the micro-USB port. Either batteries can be contaminated in external charging, but it will have to be bought separately. In principle, this investment justifies itself, because you do not have to shoot the camera every time to recharge the battery.
  • How the camera suspension can be handled?
    An unusual depression can be seen behind the camera. However, it is part of the camera suspension. Netgear abandoned the usual hinge by choosing another solution. The camera comes with two metal hemispheres. They are already screwed with ordinary screws.
  • What to do if I don’t want to use the magnetic holder in the camera?
    If you do not want to use the magnetic holder, you can screw the camera to the hinge with a screw, there is a corresponding hole with a thread. But the hinge is not included in the package.
  • What is the base station of the camera?
    The base station looks more modest, it is enclosed in a matte case with rounded corners. However, it should not attract attention to itself; the base station will mimic the surroundings of the living room.
  • What is the best place to locate a base station?
    The base station should be located somewhere in the central place of the room, If you are activating the siren function.
  • Where the recorded video in Arlo camera is stored?
    The captured video is not stored locally (for example, on a NAS), but is downloaded to the Netgear cloud. A basic subscription is available for free.
  • Why the Netgear need to be praised separately for installing Arlo camera?
    For the installation process Netgear should be praised separately, because there are practically no obstacles when setting up the cameras. Is that the application a couple of times for a long time “thought”, but here helped return to the previous step and repeat.
  • Can I get a notification or signal when someone enters into my house?
    The camera is able to act as a siren, issuing an alarm with a loudness of 100 dB, if during your absence someone got into the house.
  • Is my wireless Arlo camera is capable of connecting to the existing Wi-Fi network?
    Yes, the camera can quickly connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. A wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 130 degrees provides the ability to monitor the entire room. There is a video recording for the cloud service.
  • Is it worthwhile to buy an Arlo Camera?
    Arlo Camera is a significant upgrade to its predecessor. Especially the rechargeable battery is in continuous use a big comfort gain, especially since the runtime is high. The new base station is also a reason to resort to the newer model thanks to its higher range and alarm function. The camera reliably fulfills its purpose and stores its images online, so that they are also available on the go
  • Which special feature can be use to record to record a video at a particular time?
    In standard mode, the camera will only start recording when it detects motion or noise. Alternatively, the user can use the app to record at specific times or use the GPS feature of the phone.
  • Is my video quality will be good enough with an Arlo camera?
    The video recordings are sharp enough with 720p, and the camera also works reliably in the dark.
  • What is the key role of the base station of an Arlo camera?
    The base station of the Arlo Pro stores your images on the cloud on requestNetgear servers. The trick: Netgear gives buyers of the system the opportunity to retrieve the recordings of the past seven days via the online portal at no extra cost. That should be enough in most cases to detect suspicious activity or even a burglar.
  • What is the other option to keep a backup, if we don’t want to rely on cloud backup?
    If you do not want to rely on the cloud backup, you can connect a USB hard disk to the base station and store the recordings locally, regardless of the selected tariff. Regardless of the storage location, the images can be viewed at any time via the Arlo app on the smartphone or play on the PC.